BluVault Endpoint Backup to OneDrive for business

Parablu, Inc.

Backup your critical endpoint data to OneDrive for business storage.

Parablu's BluVault Backup to OneDrive for Business protects endpoint data on Windows desktops, laptops, and Apple Mac computers by making an automatic, redundant copy of all changed data to OneDrive for Business storage. The solution,  hosted on Azure compute infrastructure, boasts a special integration with Microsoft Office 365 helps you make the most of your Office 365 subscription by utilizing OneDrive for Business storage efficiently as a backup repository proving to have cost-effective. It ensures security and privacy of data by encrypting data both while in transit and at rest. It works seamlessly and enables on-demand access for users from anywhere and anytime.   BluVault Endpoint Backup to OneDrive for Business is part of Parablu’s suite of data management solutions. ‘BluVault Backup to OneDrive for Business’ can be easily scaled to spread across users in different geographies and is designed for high availability of data. Data secured by BluVault is encrypted with modules that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, including GDPR. It is designed to ensure businesses retain complete control of their data with clear segregation of duties. BluVault’s Centralized Data Management console lets enterprises centrally configure policies that are highly customizable. Enterprises can easily manage end-user data backup centrally while ensuring complete control over the data protection process with detailed reporting, alerts, and audit log. BluVault’s simple browse-and-restore interface allows administrators and users to initiate restores effortlessly.
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