Parkunload S.L.

PARKUNLOAD® is the most advanced platform to control & regulate the parking on city loading zones

PARKUNLOAD® is an innovative, scalable and disruptive platform to flexibly REGULATE and efficiently CONTROL restricted parking zones to perform LOADING AND UNLOADING (L/U) operations in urban areas of MULTIPLE CITIES, by using smart traffic signs (based on BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy components) and mobile applications.

PARKUNLOAD® flexibly and digitally manage vehicles’ LOADING PERMIT and MAXIMUM LOADING TIME depending on several criteria, such as: vehicle emissions, vehicle type and tonnage and vehicle user profile (professional, private, person with reduced mobility, authorised, resident), accurate loading zone location and time of the day (peak hours). So, the city can easily define and enforce advanced and fully digitalised loading zones policies, including more restrictive parking conditions during POLLUTION EPISODES.

As a scalable and real-time platform, PARKUNLOAD® can also turn to an excellent BIG DATA SOURCE to monitor logistics analysing both loading patterns and occupancy levels, as well as traffic and routes in last mile freight deliveries among cities and territories.

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