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Pazo is a mobile first operations management platform for the deskless or front line workforce.

Pazo is an Retail Task Management Platform for day to day operations of Retail Chains and FM. Pazo uses smart digital checklists to ensures all tasks are done from the right place, at the right time. With Pazo you can use store opening checklists and other checklists which are completely customizable to suit your needs
Pazo Innovations Private Limited provide the following services
Visit Pazo - Task Management Software for Retail, FM & Shopping Malls to learn more about how Pazo can help you speak with facts and act on data.

Pazo is an award winning SaaS B2B Operations execution platform. Big chains like Sodexo, Bata, Jockey, TVS, Victoria's secrets all use Pazo's solutions for their daily tasks. Pazo currently has solutions deployed in 10+ countries.

We are an operations excellence platform for the Retail, Facility Management , Hospitality, Warehousing and Manufacturing. Our solution is for the front-line or the deskless workforce. We ensure all tasks/audits/SOPs are done from the right place, at the right time.

Pazo has the following features
  • Digital Checklists
  • Scheduling of Checklists
  • Internal ticketing and issue management
  • Workflows
  • Attendance
  • Internal communication
  • Stock Management

Here is what customers love about us

"Pazo gives us visibility and transparency of day to day operations. We have SLA's defined by our clients to be met. Pazo helps us give them visibility of execution." ~ Sodexo

Pazo was adjudged by NASSCOM as the top 10 startups for the year 2022.

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