Peltarion AI Platform

Peltarion AB

Deep Learning platform for building commercial AI-powered products and services. Fast and easy.

The fastest AI infrastructure you will find. 

A deep learning platform that allows you to build commercially viable AI-powered solutions, at speed and at scale. Unlock the potential of AI in your organization by putting the AI in the hands of domain experts and collaborate across the organization.


The Peltarion Platform allows you to:

  • Upload and work with your data directly from Microsoft Azure

  • Build your model and utilize the cloud processing power of Microsoft Azure to scale your workflow and run several projects in parallel. 

  • Collaborate across the organization with web-based access.

  • Run as many projects as you want in parallel. Compare, evaluate and tweak your models until you're happy. 

  • Deploy your AI-models into real-life products and services with one click. 

Try one of our tutorials and get started immediately with our free tier. 

More info about our pricing plans here.

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