by Perpetuuiti Technosoft Pvt Ltd.

Perpetuuiti Hybrid Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (Hybrid DRaaS) through Continuity Patrol

The increased variance of enterprise data storage environments has created a need for a disaster recovery solution that works across multiple computing environments, including on-premises, public cloud and managed cloud. The Perpetuuiti Hybrid DRaaS solution powered by Continuity Patrol delivers cost savings, automation and self-service user experience to enterprises and SMBs. The service will help customers achieve system and application recovery SLAs and meet industry standards for security.

As your business embraces a multi-cloud strategy, you need to make sure that Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a part of your plan - to ensure availability – and to maintain customer confidence and brand reputation.

Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform is built with the cloud in mind. Perpetuuiti enables CSPs to offer a robust, cost-effective DRaaS solution that can take place within the private cloud, to the public cloud and within the public cloud.

Many organizations see the value of the cloud but are hesitant to trust their mission-critical data residing there due to concerns about availability, performance and security. Using DRaaS, the organization replicates its production applications to the cloud, allowing them to safely test the cloud concept without giving up control over production applications in their datacenters. Through CSPs, DRaaS provides essential managed services a critical first step to better leverage the cloud.

About Perpetuuiti Continuity Patrol (CP)

In today’s always-on business world, customers, partners, and employees expect 24/7 access to services and data. Unplanned downtime from natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and outages are the biggest availability threats. With an effective recovery plan and solution in place, organizations become resilient and are able to easily resume operations with minimal downtime and data loss...

Continuity Patrol™ from Perpetuuiti’s Resiliency Automation Platform enables organizations to recover from a disruption or an outage with the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the industry, dramatically limiting data loss and downtime.

CP is unique in the BCMP/ ITRO market as it can help CXOs make well informed business decisions by enabling real-time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service and their cascading impact on dependent business services. With CP, user organizations can perform what-if modelling and make a better business case for the cost of downtime.

Continuity Patrol has been residing in 400+ datacenters and 3 Lacs+ VMs and Physical Servers. Also, Perpetuuiti conducts 7000+ DR Drills in a year for their clients, and these numbers keep on increasing.

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