Pexip CVI - as a Service

by Pexip

(46 ratings)

Enable third-party video conferencing systems to participate in Microsoft Teams meetings.

Pexip Cloud Video Interop (CVI) for Microsoft Teams allows third-party video teleconferencing systems (VTC) to join Teams meetings. It enables users to benefit from the full Microsoft experience - including content sharing and collaboration.

Pexip CVI is created for organizations that already have existing investments in traditional video conferencing equipment. They can benefit from CVI as it enables an effortless transition to Microsoft Teams and simplifies and speeds up migration from Skype for Business. Besides, Pexip can take on multiple third-party video conferencing infrastructure workloads such as device registration and firewall traversal, greatly simplifying the organization’s enterprise communications infrastructure. This listing is for Pexip CVI as a Service, fully certified and supported by Microsoft. Pexip CVI is also available as a self-hosted Azure or on-premises application.

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