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Simply sync your contacts between Microsoft 365 and countless other apps® syncs your contacts between countless applications like groupware, CRM, webshop, ticket software, marketing automation, newsletter software and much more. Once connected your apps will have one-way or even two-way synced contacts within seconds.

What does for you: 

* Real-time two-way sync between Google Contacts, Microsoft 365, iCloud and your favorite cloud applications
* Show caller ID of your CRM contacts on your phone
* Share contacts with the entire team
* Avoid duplicates
* Merge contact information
* Easy set-up, no maintenance required 
* Set up sync for your team or let them choose their own connections

Below is the list of all available cloud applications you can sync your contacts with.

Our supported apps include:

* Apple iPhone
* Apple iPad
* Apple iPod
* Google Nexus
* Google Pixel
* ...

Operating systems:
* Google Android
* Apple iOS
* MacOS
* Mac OSX
* ...

* Google Contacts
* Google GMail
* Apple iCloud
* Microsoft 365
* Microsoft Outlook
* Office 365
* ...

* weclapp
* weclappON
* ...

* Placetel (by Broadworks / Cisco)
* ...

Main benefits of having your contacts in bi-directional sync between cloud applications:
- No more duplicated contacts
- Save time spent on data entry
- No more import/export of your contacts
- Share contacts with your team
- Have all your contacts available on your smartphone
- Avoid manual errors
- Set it and forget it (it takes about 5 min to set up your sync(s))

For more information visit, or reach us at for any questions.
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