Proximity Platform

by Poi Labs

Indoor Analytics, Location Based Marketing and Indoor Navigation


Our focus is to bring proximity awareness to empower business applications, connecting physical world with digital experiences. Our proximity Solution’s goal is to empower your business throught the use of proximity technologies!

We provide the following solutions for the Retail;

Proximity Marketing:

Improve your customer's shopping experience by offering them tailored information or promotions and discounts when they are near to a purchase point or to a shelf.

Indoor Analytics:

Understand customer's behavior indoors. You will have the answers for the foloowing questions.

  • How many of your customers are in the mall or a selected store ?
  • How frequently do they visit ?
  • How long do they stay?
  • What path do they take, their habits inside a mall or a store?
  • What stores and competitors do they visit ?

Indoor Navigation:

Customers can easily navigate to stores, nearest toilets. Turn by turn navigation and blue dot experience for indoors. In addition customers can easily save their car’s location automatically or manually. Navigating to car is only one click away.

Indoor Navigation for Visually Disabled:

Audio navigation for large indoor areas like malls, airports and complex public spaces.

About PoiLabs:

PoiLabs is a technology start-up having one of the largest ibeacon network, provides locations based services like indoor analytics, proximity marketing, and indoor navigation. According to the last Proxi Report, PoiLabs is in the top 15 out of 400 proximity solution providers in the World.

Many retailers like Hopi, Beymen and Boyner are using PoiLabs location based services in order to understand their customers behaivor and reach them with the right offer at the right micro-location. İş Bank is enhancing its customers cash withdrawal experience in 5.000+ ATMs with the help of custom designed PoiLabs ibeacons.

PoiLabs provides indoor navigation for the visually impaired in 30 Malls across Turkey.
It is a partner of Wayfinder ( and helps them to improve the standards of indoor navigation for the visually impaired.

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