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Comfort Energy Optimizer


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Improve your comfort and optimize your energy usage

The Comfort Energy Optimizer is an overlay for any existing Building Management System. It improves the overall comfort level in a building and simultaneously reduces the amount of energy needed.

In contrast to many other solutions, the 'Comfort Energy Optimizer' is a fully automatic, self-learning machine that works entirely independently and not a dashboard which makes you, as a user, responsible for making improvements.

So, basically, turning any building into a self-driving car that manages its own comfort and energy consumptions.

The technology behind Comfort Energy Optimizer has proven itself in several buildings like schools, governmental and offices, saving up to 25% percent energy while creating happy tenants.

Comfort Energy Optimizer is 100% based on Azure Paas Services. The services used, are:

  • Azure AAD B2C
  • Azure AAD
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Event Hub
  • Azure Streaming Analytics
  • Azure App Services (Webapp and API app)
  • Azure Time Series Insights
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure API Managment
  • Azure Webjobs

See our website for more information.