Projector PSA Software

by Projector Psa, Inc

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Professional Services Automation (PSA) software

Projector's Professional Services Automation (PSA) software is specifically designed to help professional services organizations (PSOs) thrive by improving profit margins and resource utilization rates. Projector helps with project management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking through invoicing, and Projector BI delivers PSO-specific analytics and intelligence through performance dashboarding.

Starting at $15 USD per user/per month, Projector scales with the needs of your business while integrating openly with your existing and future business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics.

Projector customers realize a faster time to value through efficient implementation and competitive pricing. And our team is consistently ranked #1 for customer service, support and features like multi-currency and multi-company handling.

What our customers say

  • "Overall, Projector is easy to use and deploys quickly. I beat my deadline for go live and stayed under budget. It is easy to customize and the learning curve is not very demanding."
  • "Intuitive, user-friendly interface; product evolution driven by very smart professional services best practices; robust reporting; set-up and implementation very manageable."
  • "The team at Projector has been great in terms of helping us get the most out of the system. They're quick to answer questions and have a solid understanding of our organization and how we can maximize the functions of Projector."

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