Power Hub

by Projectum Aps

Power Hub – Synchronize your data from a range of data sources into a single database in real-time

Power Hub combines key features from MS Azure SQL DB with years of Business intelligence (BI) developer experience, to provide the optimal data-foundation with a range of features that will extend, simplify, and save time when developing reporting and BI projects.

Power Hub provide a streamlined method, following best practices, of integrating your data platforms and storing data including trend and audit analysis so that you can utilize your data for better decision making and stay in control. The out of the box report views simplifies traditional BI challenges like lookups, SCD1, SDC2, snapshots, baselines, historical trends, item URL's etc.

  • Click next ‘add data source’ wizard
  • Full data history (not just point-in-time snapshots)
  • Premade report views
  • Selective per table synchronization (including many-to-many relations)
  • Initial data load
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Dynamic schema synchronization (new fields etc.)
  • Intuitive UI for:
    • Adding new data sources
    • Selecting tables for sync
    • User management (user admins + data readers)
    • Firewall rules
    • Troubleshooting
    • Update to new releases

Current supported sources
  • Dataverse (Canvas and model driven power apps)
  • Dynamics CRM, Business Central, Sales etc
  • Azure DevOps
  • Team Planner (by Projectum)
  • Time for Teams (by Projectum)

At a glance