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PROS Smart CPQ for Manufacturing


4.4 out of 5 stars
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Deliver Sales Automation and Profits Through Personalized Selling

PROS Smart CPQ automates the configure, price, quote process empowering your sales teams to create accurate, tailored solutions for each customer, every time. Integrated with dynamic pricing science which provides prescriptive insights into the willingness to pay at the individual customer level, your sales teams are armed with the ability to always provide winning prices for that customer, for that product, in real-time.

PROS Smart CPQ Capabilities for Manufacturers

  • Identify new opportunities in your existing accounts
  • Provide visualization techniques including 2D, 3D and mixed reality using HoloLens
  • Convert paper diagrams into interactive exploded parts diagrams using OCR technology
  • Support select-for-sale to complex engineer-to-order configurations
  • Generate optimized configurations with one-click
  • Create multi-level BOMs from configurations
  • Increase deal size with algorithmic cross sell
  • Deliver winning prices with dynamic pricing science insights
  • Expand your addressable market and enable partners and self-service eCommerce portals
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  • Initiate the sales cycle as a Sales Rep
  • Analyze product performance as a Product Line Manager
  • Approve price escalations as a Sales Director/VP of Sales
  • Manage the contract lifecycle as a Paralegal