Paribus 365 Data Quality Management

by intelli-CTi

Prevent, merge, and remove duplicate data - improve data quality & master your Single Customer View

Duplicate data causes Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to become frustrated, misguided and confused about the truth, ultimately leading to a lack of customer satisfaction. Therefore, successfully managing your Dynamics data and keeping it clean of duplicates is vital to achieving effective customer engagement and securing an SCV. Paribus 365™, seamlessly embedded in Dynamics 365, provides the following proven capabilities to ensure core principles of data quality:

Intelligent Searching – the fuzzy matching capability of the Paribus Intelligent Search engine means you always find what you are looking for, even if you do not spell it exactly right, or know the exact name of the person or company.

Duplicate Prevention – A lack of appropriate data quality policies puts your Dynamics 365 system at risk. Paribus Duplicate Prevention stops the creation of duplicate data by alerting users when they are about to add a record that already exists within Dynamics, enforcing your data governance strategy.

Duplicate Detection – When engaging with entities in Dynamics, it is important for users to know if that entity could be a duplicate. Paribus Duplicate Detection actively provides users with valuable insight of any potential conflicting duplication, before they engage with a given entity. This makes it easy for users to cross review each conflict and to establish an SCV.

Data Cleanse, Merge and Consolidation – Achieving duplicate-free data should be a key goal of any data quality strategy. Paribus Data Cleansing searches across your entire Dynamics system to identify large-scale data duplication. Once identified, duplicates can be reviewed before easily merging and consolidating them into a single master golden record.

Lead Management – Effective Lead management is essential to providing a clear insight of business opportunities. Paribus Lead Management automatically highlights existing customers to assist the Lead qualification and engagement process and prevent embarrassing and misguided customer interaction.

Smart Entity Lookups – Dynamics 365 Entity Lookups do not contain fuzzy matching, and in cases where entities are not found, they promote the creation of a new entity, which may likely be a duplicate. Paribus Smart Entity Lookups provides an enhanced replacement with all the power of the Paribus fuzzy match engine, ensuring Dynamics users a safer alternative and allowing them to always establish the correct entity Lookup.

Paribus 365™ the DQ for Dynamics solution that revolutionizes data management, saving precious time and empowering organizations to realize the true potential of their data.

Increase data quality and user adoption of Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365™ with the following benefits:

  • Boost user adoption and efficiency
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increase trust in your CRM to gain user adoption
  • Reduce Sales and Marketing costs
  • Improve and maintain data quality
  • Improve Lead management
  • Support regulatory compliance
  • Provide a Single Customer View (SC)

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