by Quadrotech Solutions (Fargo)

A sophisticated SaaS application that simplifies Office 365 administration and management.

Running on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric platform, Autopilot acts as a proxy to both the on-premises environment as well as the cloud environment. It allows for the collection of local Organizational Units (OUs) to be used with Office 365. These OUs can be utilized to provide granular delegated administration allowing users with no rights to the actual systems to perform pre-defined actions. You can also create additional “Virtual OUs” where you can also define delegated administration.

What makes Autopilot different?
Autopilot reconciles the inherent challenges of maintaining control while ensuring productivity. Using configuration policies, you can automatically ensure compliance with internal and industry policies – simply set them up and let them uphold your requirements. The solution reduces any risk by enabling a granular “Least-Privilege Administration Model” approach to Office 365 Administrators, so the absolute minimum rights are assigned.

What is it and how does it work?

  • Autopilot runs on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric platform and acts as an abstraction layer, or proxy, between Office 365 Administrators and the Office 365 platform.
  • Autopilot is a SaaS application that brings the familiar ideas of hierarchical on-premises Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy Objects to an Office 365 tenant.
  • Users initiate management actions within Autopilot, and our policy engine determines if the user has the correct permissions to perform that action on the target user.
  • Autopilot manages both On-Premises systems and O365 through a single console.

  • Logical grouping of resources into Organizational Units for both local and cloud objects
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Standardized configuration
  • UI white labelling

  • Import and use local AD OU structure
  • Manage systems both on-premises and in O365
  • Granular policy creation
  • Reduce risk by implementing a “Least-Privilege Administrative Model”
  • Allow managers to manage their reports
  • Enhance end user satisfaction by unlocking self-service administration
  • Extremely fast turnaround for new functionality with continuous integration

Quadrotech is a Microsoft managed, Direct CSP Partner holding three Gold Competencies, the most impactful being Cloud Productivity; we also boast a wide variety of Silver competencies, such as Cloud Platform and Messaging. All 7 of our solutions are published in Microsoft’s OCP Catalog, giving us the ability to leverage Microsoft’s Co-Sell resources during the sales process. With access to internal MVPs, we have vast Microsoft product knowledge at our disposal. For additional information please visit our website

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