Mailbox & Archive Migration - Better Together

by Quadrotech Solutions (Fargo)

Email and archive migration to Office 365 - better together

The problem with email

Email is central to business operations. Your user's mailboxes need to be functional, available, and accessible at all times; downtime or disruption can bring a company to a grinding halt. It is simply not an option.

The problem with third-party archives

Legacy Enterprise Archiving Solutions (like Enterprise Vault or EMC SourceOne) were used to help organizations save mailbox storage space. Technology has advanced significantly, and these systems are no longer the best or most cost-effective option for archive storage. Many organizations need to move mailboxes and archives at around the same time. This is particularly true for Office 365 migrations, as most archive systems are not supported by Exchange Online. As soon as mailboxes are moved into Office 365, accessibility to legacy archives is obstructed.

The solution

When it comes to migrating mailboxes, the solution you choose needs to be seamless, offering continuous access to email, and no disturbances. Office 365 offers huge email archive quotas and centralized e-discovery benefits. If you're migrating mail to Exchange Online, your legacy archiving solution is likely incompatible, inaccessible, and an unnecessary expense. The best way to transition these two mail systems while maintaining all interdependencies and a chain of custody? Migrate them together.


Email and archives stored within the same system offer the best user experience. By performing an email and archive migration together, you can drastically reduce the amount of time and configurations involved in the process. Our archive migration software speeds up your journey with the industry's best tool for moving archive content from a variety of legacy archiving systems. The solution scales to very large archives (hundreds of TBs) and efficiently gets your data into Office 365 so you can benefit from its security, data protection, filtering, and auditing capabilities

  • Create one workflow for both migrations
  • Control your email and archive migration from one user interface
  • No lost time between mailbox move and archive move
  • Consistency among schedules
  • No need for loads of scripts or extensive manual oversight
  • Cloud deployments available

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