Quadrotech Cloud Commander

by Quadrotech Solutions (Fargo)

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A Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Tool for Enterprises, Medium Sized Business, and Partners

Quadrotech Cloud Commander is an Azure-based software tool designed to speed and simplify Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations. Cloud Commander migrates Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Teams workloads for a tenant to tenant migration or reconfiguration. Its highly flexible and scalable architecture makes it an ideal choice for large-scale mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and multi-tenant consolidation projects. You can host Cloud Commander in the client's, partner's, or Quadrotech's Azure environment. Cloud Commander includes a rich set of migration planning reports, a customizable automated script engine, automated workflows, and our Reconfiguration Agent that results in a low-touch, no-hassle IT and end-user experience. The ability to host Cloud Commander in your Azure environment keeps your data in your control and supports message transfer speeds exceeding 1TB per hour. Cloud Commander also enables migrations from Office 365 to on-premises Exchange Systems and from on-premises Exchange Systems to Office 365. These scenarios are common for companies undertaking a Merger, Acquisition, or Divestiture project.

Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Considerations

Businesses who need to consolidate multiple M365 tenants or those who need to split existing tenants into multiple tenants due to mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures face significant risks and challenges in planning for and executing tenant migrations. Businesses need to ask:

  • How do I secure my data during the migration?
  • How do I determine what data to move?
  • Who are my high-use/high-value users?
  • Who is using which workloads, and how much are they using each workload?
  • How will business operations be impacted?
  • What is the end-user impact?
  • How do I find the specific skills and expertise required to ensure a successful outcome?
  • How long will the migration take?

Quadrotech Cloud Commander helps plan for a risk-free, low-impact migration by having:

  • Detailed pre-migration reporting – inventorying current users and workload usage
  • Automated and customizable workflows that reduce manual intervention and risk
  • Automated post-migration reconfiguration, again reducing risk, manual intervention, and end-user impact
  • Unprecedented migration speeds – limiting the time needed to complete the migration and reducing on-going disruption to operations and end-users

Quadrotech is a Microsoft global managed partner with several Gold Competencies, including Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity and a variety of Silver competencies. Our solutions are Co-Sell-Ready and Co-sell Prioritized. Learn more on our website.

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