Quadrotech PST Flight Deck

by Quadrotech Solutions (Fargo)

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Identify, centralize, and migrate PST data to Office 365

The PST file format is outdated and insecure, which means they’re susceptible to data leakage, poorly protected from hackers, wide open to malware, and easily corrupted. It’s extremely difficult to get visibility of PST usage, so it’s challenging to track how many exist across the organization.

Macintosh/Apple computers have a similar file format called OLM files. Many organizations with Macintosh deployments face similar problems with both file types.

The PST Flight Deck software can identify ownership, remove passwords, repair corrupt files, and filter out old, duplicate, or redundant PSTs. Once all the files have been processed, and migrated into Exchange or Office 365, the old files will be deleted.

PST Flight Deck is fully supported in Microsoft Azure

  • Full Azure Install
  • Hybrid Azure Install
  • Stand Alone Azure Install (without Active Directory Integration)

    Allows for flexible architecture

  • Ramp up and ramp down resources as needed
  • Leverage Microsoft Azure SQL services

    Get started quicker

  • Microsoft Azure services are standard around the globe
  • Allows our team to perform the install, including prerequisites, quickly!

    Perfect for distributed organizations

  • Add Azure resources in the region your users operate speeding the migration!

    Key features:

    Using an intelligent and automated approach, PST Flight Deck can:

  • Scan local drives, attached USB devices, and network shares.
  • Run detailed reporting of PST location and size.
  • Manage user policies, interaction, notification and authorizations.
  • Offer secure, automatic centralization, with newly enhanced bandwidth control.
  • Filter, verify, and de-duplicate files, with password removal, and corruption repair.
  • Deliver rapid ingestion into the new platform, with automated elimination of old PSTs.
  • Handle leaver’s PST files with terminated account workflows.
  • Enable flexible user management with profile-based workflows.
  • Provide Macintosh support for both PST and OLM files.

    Quadrotech is a Microsoft managed, Direct CSP Partner holding 5 Gold Competencies, including Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity; we also boast a wide variety of Silver competencies, such as Data Platform, Messaging, and Communication. All of our solutions are Microsoft Co-Sell-Ready and with access to 3 internal MVPs, we have vast Microsoft product knowledge at our disposal.

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