Docufiles™ | Document Management System

by Quality Systems W.L.L

Document & Archiving System

Document storage. Archive your files in a single vault for easy retrieval, storage. Security and access control. Avoid unauthorized access by implementing role-based permissions for file entry. Indexing and classification. Index files systematically for a quick, easy retrieval later on given its file key. Bulk upload. In most cases, documents come in bulk. Uploading them one by one is time-consuming.. White-labelling. Define your company’s branding by setting up its color, theme, and logo to ensure it conveys your brand’s look and feel effectively. Doing so makes your company appear more professional. Audit trail. Referring to a document’s path in its lifecycle, this feature lets users pull detailed reports on the path that the file has followed. This contains the name of the user, date and time the file was accessed, the type of action performed, and keeps comments from the user.

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