Mixed Reality Shopper Experience Solution

by Verofax Limited

Upgrade shopper experiences with immersive and personalized augmented reality

71% of consumers have expressed that they would be more inclined to shop frequently at stores that utilize augmented reality technology.

Verofax RetailTech solution is designed to equip retailers with the necessary tools to offer their customers mixed reality experiences through Augmented Reality.
By leveraging shopper profiles and purchase history, retailers can provide personalized discounts and recommendations that can help boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Additionally, the platform allows the creation of exciting consumer rewards using NFTs and in-app rewards based on product recognition on the shelf, which can further enhance customer engagement and loyalty.
With these tools, Verofax can help retailers and brands optimize their marketing strategies and increase revenue. The solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools that helps retailers and brands grow their business by creating immersive experiences that attract customers to physical stores.

Solution Capabilities:
• Create immersive experiences and attract customers to visit your physical store.
• Encouraging customers to make purchases through in-app rewards based on product recognition on the shelf.
• Increasing revenue through virtual marketing assets.
• Empower consumers to check products for vital and critical attributes to accelerate their purchase decisions.
• Offer discounts and recommendations based on shopper profile and purchase history.

Verofax is differentiated in terms of:
• Cost & speed of adoption within a 90-day deployment period
• Permissioned blockchain guaranteeing infinite scalability with no transaction fees
• Enterprise grade data security and GDPR compliance
• Interoperable platform for seamless integration into over 130 ERPs

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