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SOFY.AI your software development assistant


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SOFY.AI is the world's first trainable BOT for software developer tests their mobile application.

Anyone in your organization: Program or Product Managers, Software Engineers, QA and system engineers can use SOFY.AI to test any application in minutes. SOFY is designed to help accelerate your development and publishing your application faster to your organization in a secure environment powered by Machine Learning and AI. SOFY.AI helps everyone in the Software Development Lifecycle for both consumer as well as enterprise application.

For Program and Product managers

Product and Program managers can use SOFY.AI to run tests and get competitive data about other products that are available on any app stores.

For Software Developers

Software developers can use SOFY.AI to run any tests and get results in minutes by just uploading an application. It can also run tests for all your Line of business applications.


SOFY.AI is the best tool to assist any QA team validating mobile application. SOFY can perform functional , performance , reliability and UX testing. In addition SOFY can be trained to perform your specific actions. Just try SOFY.AI to get your mobile apps testing on latest devices and release with confidence to your customers.