SOFY Live and SOFY Automate Mobile App Testing


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SOFY enables mobile app teams to perform manual and automated testing on Android and IOS devices.

SOFY is an AI based Testing platform for mobile apps and websites that enables software engineering teams  to test with real Android and IOS devices to create high quality mobile apps and website and stay productive. With SOFY's AI based testing platform you can:

  • Acquire real devices in seconds and run manual and automated tests. You can instantly automate your manual tests without any coding​. 
  • Pinpoint performance issues in your app without any external tool based on rich contextual data of test results. 
  • Validate your UI against 100+ UX and Accessibility guidelines using ML models​.
  • Release Managers can gain insights into developer productivity and device coverage to improve release quality.
  • Product Managers can validate UI load times, UX design and accessibility issues.
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