Software for sales team management, feedback, reporting and insights.

Manage people, not just metrics.

Why should I use Salessound?

Salespeople are interested in the same things which motivate everyone else in a modern workplace. Achieving targets, earnings, and results is essential, but feeling engaged, valued, and listened to is also increasingly important. Often more important than a relentless focus on targets alone.

Sales teams hold all the knowledge about what’s happening with customers and in their markets, and how a business may be letting down customers. Yet businesses often overlook and do not share the value in that knowledge, preferring instead to focus on transaction and pipeline data in CRMs.

Salespeople who are not well-managed and motivated will leave businesses, and replacing them will be costly. Businesses which don't gather and share the valuable knowledge salespeople have will eventually find customers also leaving.

Salessound helps sales leaders solve these issues by creating engaged teams and motivating them with feedback and insights rather than using bare metrics alone.

What does the software include?

  • People management, including sales performance and trends - confidence - sentiment - ideas - objectives - insights, for every team member
  • Idea development
  • Objective setting
  • Snapshot feedback or weekly sales reporting
  • Structured monthly sales reporting
  • Insights and market knowledge sharing.

What benefits does the software bring me?

  • Easily managing all aspects of sales teams and performance, not just targets
  • Enabling more effective, wider-view management and team development
  • Gathering the best ideas from anywhere in the business, not only from the sales team
  • Providing insights into sales, trends and needs
  • Simplifying reporting with options for daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Sharing performance data, insights, trends, reports and opinions with senior leadership teams and other areas of the business.

Who is it for?

  • Sales team members
  • Sales managers
  • Sales leaders
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Anyone who has information to share through your business
  • Invited external stakeholders.

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