On Demand Migration

by Quest

Migrate all your work loads with one comprehensive Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration solution.

One simple and secure solution to migrate all Microsoft 365 workloads and Active Directory.

The tremendous rate of Office 365 adoption and the increased rate of merger and acquisition activity creates an enormous challenge for IT. Organizations with multiple Microsoft 365 tenants running various workloads including Active Directory, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Teams need to consolidate those tenants to reduce cost and complexity. In addition, organizations with hybrid AD must also plan to consolidate their multiple AD Forests. Your IT team must maintain user collaboration and communication during consolidation to preserve access to valuable data, all while preventing downtime and data loss for the business.

The complexities of tenant migrations coupled with the fact that you don’t do tenant migrations every day makes these projects hard to manage. Knowing what to migrate is crucial; scheduling and staging a migration is complex; and monitoring progress is difficult. Combined with the ongoing challenge of limited IT resources, it's clear that automating the migration is necessary. Microsoft-provided tools offer limited functionality, leaving you with few options.

With Quest® On Demand Migration, you can forget about the complexity of migrating Microsoft 365 tenants. On Demand Migration allows you to simply and securely migrate all your Microsoft 365 workloads. Through an intuitive dashboard, you get complete visibility into your migration project. You can track progress in real-time, discover and assess source accounts, groups and data — all while maintaining ongoing collaboration. On Demand Migration lets your organization continue to run smoothly throughout your tenant migration.

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