Rainbow Password & Pins

by Rainbow Secure

Multi-layer Defense in depth Security Protecting Logins, Data, Payments, Transactions and Services

Current Challenges
Cyber-attacks keep happening, Enterprise face constant stress of preventing them and keep their business going. It increases their risk and liability, even when it happens at other websites.

User behavior And Current Security
- Most users have 20+ online accounts. Not all can manage to have long complex passwords all the time. They create weak passwords, reuse it across websites, save it in browser or password manager. At times they leave their session, device open unattended. 
- Password dumps from past breaches like facebook, linked in, yahoo have made hackers job easy to do attacks like credential stuffing.
So to solve these issues, We invented multi-layer next gen passwords with colors and style options that gives most secure, scalable, affordable security. 

Our Offering
Rainbow Password Authentication gives best UX experience, best password strength that is easy to adopt and deploy at scale (100K+ users) and protect data, logins, devices, payments and services.

Where can you use it
Office 365, MS PowerApps, MS Dynamics, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Slack, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Google Workspace and many other enterprise apps and services.
You can even secure your own custom applications.

How it works
1. Users create small, simple, manageable password and applies color and/or style options.
2. System generates highly secure hash model that protects against automated as well as manual attacks.
3. Each login attempt is validated against password along with colors and styles. Only genuine users succeed and hackers, bots, fraud attempts fail.

Key features
• Works on any platform, any device
• Minimal workflow changes.
• Defeats 10+ cyber attacks and data breach scenarios
• Scalable to 100K+ users
• Frequent password changes not needed
• No more complex password rules
• Reduces Tech and Business Risk & Liability

Developer, Integrator Support
• Extensive help available for integration with your projects
• We provide configurable security options that give balanced friction level for your use case.
• Protect your employees, partner and customer login, verification experience today.
• Developers, System Integrators will get free technical training on API integration.

Send us your project details, uses cases. We will send you custom quote and deployment plan to integrate with your project. 
Limited Time Offer: Get free 3 months trial to deploy Rainbow Secure Login protection for your business. (For Cloud Solutions Only)

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