Rainbow Secure Passwordless Login

by Rainbow Secure

Colorful, Stylish, Hasslefree, Passwordless way to Reduce Risk, Liability & Protect Sensitive Logins

Current Challenges
Cyber attacks keep happening, Enterprise face constant stress of preventing them and keep their business going. It increases their risk and liability, even when it happens at other websites.

Most of the hacks and breaches are avoidable with better way to authenticate user and their actions. But what that better way would be? 
We did lot of research and invented award winning and patented Rainbow Secure technology that gives multi-layer defense that is scalable, affordable and no expensive devices to maintain, support or configure. 

We offer very unique way to do it in a way not to introduce more attacks and hurdles for IT support and users. 

Our Offering

Rainbow Secure Passwordless login gives users best UX experience, best zero-trust cyber security that is easy to adopt and deploy at scale (100K+ users) and protect data, logins, devices and services.

How it works
Our technology gives users smart token and smart formatting challenge that they have to interpret and apply. So it involves access to trusted receiving end points, cognitive ability to read and analyze instructions and UX actions. 
It is multi-layer technology working for users and defeating hackers.
It gives AI powered automated monitoring and alerting acting on many custom params including standard ones like device, session, location.
The challenge is completely configurable to fit your use case, environment and business needs.
We personalize each deployment environment with proprietary methods to mitigate machine learning attacks.

Key features
  • Works on any platform, any device, can be integrated into old and new apps, websites and services
  • Minimal workflow changes, Interactive Security 
  • Defeats 10+ cyber attacks and data breach scenarios
  • Scalable to 100K+ users
  • Reduces support costs
  • Reduces Tech and Business Risk & Liability

Developer, Integrator Support
  • Get Application Programming Interfaces/Plug-ins today for your project. We will help you deploy it on your own cloud, public cloud, as well as on your own data centers (on-premise).
  • We provide configurable security options that give balanced friction level for your use case.
  • Protect your employees, partner and customer login, verification experience today.
  • Developers, System Integrators will get free technical training on API integration.
Send us your project details, uses cases. We will send you custom quote and deployment plan to integrate with your project. Get complimentary AppSec tipsheet from Rainbow Secure with each quote.

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