Raptor Smart Advisor

by Raptor Services

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Raptor Smart Advisor is a personalisation engine for ecommerce

Raptor Services A/S have developed a personalization engine, based on machine learning algorithms that analyze and learn the unique browsing and buying behavior, empowering more than 800 clients to deliver the most relevant content in the right context. By utilizing vast amounts of data, we enable our clients to create individual customer profiles down to a 1:1 scale. With Raptor Smart Advisor you can optimize the user experience with personalized product and content recommendations, dynamic emails and site search.

We empower relevance with a complete and cohesive omnichannel personalization solution that boosts engagement, enhance conversions and subsequently increases revenue across web, mobile, and in-store.



Raptor Smart Advisor is a cloud-based e-commerce power tool that maximizes the lifetime value of every customer by connecting shoppers with the most relevant products, which they would be most inclined to buy. Our dashboard makes it easy to keep track of performance and gives you actionable insights with multi-KPI based reporting. Our algorithms can be combined and fine-tuned to match any given e-commerce company, regardless of industry and size.


Key benefits:

•    Create memorable and highly personalized user experiences across all channels/touchpoints

•    Connect and engage customers with the most relevant product and content recommendations

•    Send out personalized emails with dynamic content

•    Maximize customer lifetime value with 1:1 personalization

•    Utilize real-time personalization to enhance conversions and drive more sales

•    Free up resources with fully automated and dynamic recommendations

•    Keep track of performance with an easy-to-use dashboard interface

•    Build and fine-tune algorithms to achieve your specific business goals

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