by RecoSense Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

Content Intelligence Solution for Aviation

Aerobot - Content Intelligence Solution for Aviation

RecoSense offers an AI-powered platform for document analysis and data centralization. The platform powers Process Automations and Compliance Management with MROs in the Aviation Industry. We work as an Engineering partner with our customers to build enterprise-specific solutions.

Automate the process of manuals, process forms, M&E/MRO Records, job cards - Routine/Non-routine even handwritten, Logbooks, EOs, Technician reports, SFR's, compliance and inspection reports, etc. with context and extract key Aviation metrics for analysis.

DocuSense can be a value-added service on top of your MRO software. It can enable your platform with the following features :

  1. Scanned document data extraction.

  2. Handwritten comment analysis.

  3. Compliance management for stamps, signatures, seals, mandatory fields etc.

  4. Discrepancy identification with respect to invoice commercials, scope of work, process steps, technical fault identification etc.

  5. Transformation of extracted data to Spec2000 standard & integration with MRO software.

  6. Auto Classification of work packs into individual work tasks & reverse compilation into a single workpack sorted by Engine ID, Task ID etc.

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