by RecoSense Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

FinSense - Financial Content Intelligence Platform

FinSense - a Financial Content Intelligence System

RecoSense offers an AI-powered financial content intelligence system that can parse and build insights around any type of financial content and sources - Annual /Quarterly Filings, Analyst Reports, M&A and Compliance Documents, etc. The system is designed to understand the context, extract all the key financial entities along with core values from the content/documents and visualize it in the dashboard. The system not only extracts key metrics but also builds correlation among key entities.

FinSense - A financial content intelligence solution powered by AI to automate key insights extractions from all critical sources like News, Reports, Documents, etc. and represent a 360-degree view of a company or topic. The System is enterprise-grade, capable of parsing 1000s of documents, news feeds, and market data to offer critical financial insights.

KYCSense is another feature of Finsense for Automated KYC compliance management.

A platform built on the core AI power that removes hassle in customer onboarding and compliance management.

A digital ID verification process enables companies to automatically capture customer demographic data, streamline the customer onboarding process, Visibility and Tracking of the KYC process and create a fully paperless procedure.

The key Benefits of using the KYCSense Automation platform are

1. Fastest Turnaround Time

2. Improved Compliance Management with GDPR

3. Reduction in Cost

4. Greater Security

5. Secure more new customers

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