Resonate CX Platform

by Resonate Solutions Pty Limited

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Leading experience management platform providing real time insights to action

Resonate’s cloud-based platform provides end-to-end experience management that is geared to manage the complexity of business and provide timely and actionable insight. The platform allows organisations to capture and manage customer and employee experience feedback data in an easy and effective way, providing easily actionable insights for everyone in their teams – from the frontline to the C-Suite. 

The platform provides various features for managing customer experience, including the following:

1. Capturing Omni-channel Feedback

Resonate’s platform allows organisations to engage with their customers at the right time through the right channels. Whether it is email, digital, in-app embedding, SMS, in-locations devices or social media, contextually created dynamic surveys allow to frame questions through cognitive learning and utilise advanced machine learning to create smarter survey reactions.

2. Closing the Loop and Recovering a bad experience

The teams can view the feedback received, details of the interactions, customer details and start scheduling customer callbacks – all through a single portal. This helps organisations empower their frontline with the ability to understand the experience, recover it and learn from it.

3. Discovering Strategic Insights to Drive competitive Advantage

Resonate’s text analytics engine classifies and groups the feedback to uncover the hidden trends that are affecting the customer experience. Interactive dashboards showcase these trends and insights generated from both structured and unstructured data in a single analysis environment. Together with the contextual data, it facilitates the teams in understanding the why behind the score and helps them make the right decisions.

4. Driving Cultural Change

Bringing customer centricity into an organisation can have cultural barriers. The Resonate platform allows life by allowing parts of the feedback to be amplified on screens and staff areas such as breakout rooms, back office, executive board rooms, and high traffic locations. This keeps back offices and head offices close to the customer sentiment.

Resonate has proven experience in implementing and managing VoC, CX, NPS and EX programs in enterprises across Australia, New Zealand, China, Asia, Europe, and USA to deliver impactful business outcomes, helping organisations grow revenue by managing loyalty and advocacy. 

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