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Rimilia Alloc8 solutions

Rimilia Holdings Ltd

Complete automated accounts receivable platform using intelligent machine learning

Rimilia provides enterprise organisations with intelligent finance automation solutions that deliver visibility, control of cash flow and cash collection and cut manual processing costs.

Rimilia is for enterprise companies with a turnover above £250M, who want to get paid on time and control their cash flow.

Rimilia eliminates the uncertainty of monthly cash-collection targets, providing complete visibility and control by predicting when customers will pay and enabling organisations to drive prescriptive actions automatically. Rimilia deploys instantly to deliver benefits from day one.

Rimilia is the only platform to automate the complete accounts receivable process, enabling organisations to match and reconcile payments using machine learning. Rimilia’s self-learning platform predicts customer payment behaviour to guarantee cashflow and take control of the sales ledger.

When Rimilia sells to customers it drives very large Azure consumption by processing and analyzing millions of enterprise transactions. Rimilia’s Add-in enhances the features of Microsoft Dynamics and drives market share/retention.