Legal documents lifecycle management

by ROKH S.r.l.

Automation, Smart drafting, Suites for negotiation, e-signature and certificated negotiation history

The ROKH Platform manages the entire lifecycle of legal documents.

The ROKH Platform represents a professional tool to surf the opportunity of changing the way legal business issues are managed by enterprises and law firms.

The ROKH Platform mainly consists of several integrated flows and tools managing the entire lifecycle of contracts (and, more in general, legal documents) from the drafting (automation and smart drafting processes), through the negotiation (private Suites for negotiation with dedicated flows managed according to legal needs and governed pursuant to international best practices) and the governance (checkpoints, flows and list of activities carried out by the parties), to the signature (electronic signature processes) and archive of certificated negotiation history also for purposes of future potential claims. The above management of contract lifecycle, through flows designed by lawyers for lawyers, in strongly helpful also in connection with tax issues.  

The ROKH Platform is a cloud based SaaS targeting any kind of enterprise, regardless the size and the turnover, being a pure office tool for contracts and legal documents.

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