Rulerr Consolidated Systems Access

by Rulerr Pty Ltd

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View & collaborate on access privileges. Setup data risk profiling for everyone in your organization

Control and Audit Data Access Rights

Rulerr provides consolidated system access information for everyone and every product in your organization. It shows "who has access to what" data via simple dashboard interface that anyone in the organization can use (if they have permission).

Make your Organization More Secure

A pro-active security measure to protect information is to make sure that staff can only access the data they need. As staff move roles, undertake secondments or join project teams they accumulate access privileges over time. These privileges are rarely audited and revoked creating a security risk. Until now I.T. was the only department with visibility across access privileges. In an enterprise environment I.T. may be unsure what data a user requires to fulfill their current role. Revocation of privileges can generate complaints, addition not so and hence privileges accumulate over time.

Rulerr displays staff access privileges to software via an intuitive interface that is easy for all staff to use. Executives, Managers and Staff know who should have access to what, Rulerr gives them the tools to get involved. They can suggest changes to a staff members access privileges using Rulerr collaboration tools and I.T. can respond all within Rulerr. Any communication between staff is recorded in an audit log.

Closedown Security Holes

Rulerr connects to enterprise software products via API technology meaning that the information displayed on access privileges is current. Manual audits in a large enterprise environment take weeks or months to compile and are out of date before published due to staff movements. This means that (when using manual reports) privileges are managed with a ‘best effort’ philosophy creating security holes. However, with Rulerr they can be managed constantly to close down any security holes ASAP.

Maintain Control 24/7

Rulerr alerts managers and executives of unusual access to company data the moment that unusual access occurs. This may lessen the severity and frequency of data breaches. Rulerr generates each staff member a risk profile. It also monitors events in enterprise software (eg: files accessed from a share drive). Rulerr marries these two information sources together and determines if data access behaviors happening ‘right now’ is posing significant organizational risk. If so notifications are sent to management allowing them to act immediately.

Instant Demo Available

The demo requires no login, contact details or setup. It contains pre-populated data of a typical organisation. To view the demo click here.

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