Sagra Technology

Download free add-ins with full capabilities when you get Emigo SFA/CRM:

Designed for sales reps, Emigo enables them to perform in-store execution, surveys, orders and more.

Emigo enables Reps to collect orders, carry out onsite surveys, take photos of displays, verify stock levels and research shelves, prices, etc. in the field.

It sends feedback on the performed activities to superiors, suppliers, co-operators and co-workers. Finally, it ensures up-to-date sales information.

We can say it is mobile, integrated, ultrafast responding mCRM enriched with a service of master data within points of sales and HCPs (Health Care Professionals).

Now with ecommerce B2B sales channel and PowerBi embedded we deliver brand new quality of CRM/SFA solution to sales managers.

With Emigo we help our customers to:
    - automate their B2B sales & marketing processes
    - gather fast and real data from the market
    - boost productivity and excellence of field force

    those let our partners to:
    - improve sales effectiveness (by min 20%)
    - lower costs of sales reps teams (savin