ClusterSense - AI Segmentation of Points of Sale

by Sagra Technology

Clustering service based on sales / purchasing data for finding buying patterns

Discover your clients’ purchasing patterns and sell more effectively

ClusterSense is an AI-based solution for segmenting points of sales according to purchasing behavior. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retail networks, it allows you to adjust your offers and promotional activities to a specific client segment and its profile, as well as to achieve sales or distribution goals faster and more effectively.

What is behavioural segmentation?

Behavioral segmentation is a way of grouping clients based on their purchasing behavior within brands, categories, subcategories, any other feature or chosen SKUs.

ClusterSense automatically creates these groups, based on a detailed analysis of purchasing behavior conducted with the involvement of machine learning (unsupervised learning).

Each claster is represented by characteristic on normalized chart which we call “spectrum” or “DNA” of given segment. Additionally, for each segment behavior patterns are generated in form of SKUs lists with indication of their meaning within the given pattern (percentage share).

How does it work?

The analysis is based on purchasing data from source file with sales / purchasing data records. You should deliver also list of SKUs and their features as well as the list of points of sale with their attributes. Results are delivered in Power BI report generated automatically with integrated application for adding descriptions and tags for each segment.

Final results of ClusterSense ca be exported in open format (XLS, CSV) to be consumed in internal systems.

Why ClusterSense?

With ClusterSense, you can increase the efficiency of trade-marketing activities and introduce new products to the market more effectively. Automating the entire process streamlines operational activities, improves relationship with clients, deliver better service quality and finally get real competitive advantage.

Who is ClusterSense for?

ClusterSense is a solution for manufacturers, distributors, and retail networks, bringing benefits to different people and teams within the company:

1. Marketing and trade-marketing teams - can better understand the needs and preferences of clients, and thus – plan and implement more effective promotional, marketing campaigns, or develop better merchandising standards.

2. Sales teams - sales managers get information about products preffered within segments and can better adjust their targets and optimize trade activities.

3. Product managers - having information about client preferences and best-rotating products, can create offers tailored to the needs of specific segments and stores.

What do you get from ClusterSense?

· Adjust your offer and SKU distribution strategy more accurately

· Increase the efficiency of trade-marketing activities

· Quickly reach right clients with the right products, especially with new SKUs

· Benefit from similarity to other Points of Sale within the same segment to improve sales

· Use recommendations to deliver personalised offering and improve client’s experience

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