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SAS 9 on Grid SaaS via Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Start with SAS 9.4. Add workload balancing. Plus high availability. And faster processing. All in a flexible, centrally managed grid computing environment. SAS 9.4 combined with the patented technology of SAS Grid Manager delivers enterprise-class capabilities that enable many SAS solutions to automatically use a centrally managed grid computing infrastructure to provide workload balancing, high availability and parallel processing for analytics jobs and processes. 


SAS 9 combines proven tools that enable users to access nearly any data source, analyze it and transform it into meaningful and valuable visualizations that help decision makers gain a quick understanding of critical issues.  SAS 9 is the core analytic and data management engine behind many SAS offerings and solutions that are focused on:

Diversity - Standardized data governance and management. An extensive range of deep analytics. Solutions that modernize and integrate with existing operations, deploy as containers, run in a grid, and drive value from analytics results. It's more of what you need – and more of what you expect from SAS.

Scale - Get up and running faster than ever. Reduce the time required to install, manage and maintain SAS deployments. SAS 9.4 takes advantage of distributed computing and storage technologies, cloud data sources, and open standards.

Trust - Reduce potential vulnerabilities, and better meet internal security requirements. 

On a SAS Grid
SAS 9 on Grid SaaS enables your organization to meet peak computing demands reliably and cost-effectively. 
Balance your workloads: SAS Grid Manager provides the flexibility to meet service level commitments by easily reassigning computing resources to meet peak workloads or changing business demands.
Be ready for anything with a highly available SAS computing environment: Having multiple servers in a grid computing environment enables jobs to run on the best available resource. If a server fails, its jobs can be transitioned seamlessly to another server.
Divide and conquer: Multiprocessing capabilities let you divide individual jobs into subtasks that run in parallel, reducing processing time. 

From the SAS Cloud

SAS 9 on Grid is available via software-as-a-service from SAS via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Your organization can get the value of SAS software in a managed environment, fully operated by SAS on the SAS Cloud. The SAS Cloud runs entirely on Microsoft Azure, providing you with the safety and security found on Azure. 

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