Reflexion AI

by Sciffer Analytics Private Limited is an Artificial Intelligence powered Content Collaboration Platform is a unique product in the market that brings together collaboration, AI-based tagging and Storyboarding in a single webbased Saas application, helping media companies combine everything from task management and review to Collaboration and Storyboarding to Content Metadata extraction and Compliance detection using a single easy-to-use tool.

COLLABORATION - Besides the basic features of giving comments on the content timeline, we have made several improvements such as audio annotations, improved canvas annotations, better navigation features, file attachments, task creation, and many others combined with the power of AI.

AI TAGGING - We have a very strong AI module with focus on computer vision, audio and speech. Once the content is uploaded, it is broken down to frames and each frame is tagged for people, emotions, objects, actions, places, scenes, types of shots, etc. by using computer vision models. On the audio & speech side, the transcript as well as closed captions are created and speaker & tone are also identified.. All the extensive tagging combined with smart search features help the users dig into the content based on search criteria that eventually helps them run targeted ads for their advertisers and also helps them create a better sales pitch. 

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