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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Seebo is an Industry 4.0 SaaS platform with packaged solutions for Remote Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Quality, and Digital Twin Analytics.

Powered by the Seebo IoT development platform, Seebo solutions combine visual, code-free tools for Process and Data Modeling, Automated Root Cause Analysis, Predictive Analytics and Digital Twin Visualization. These tools enable us to tailor our solutions to clients’ specific needs, and to easily adapt the solutions post deployment. The result: unmatched speed-to-market and predictable ROI.
Manufacturers across industries – including Grundfos, BIC, Procter & Gamble, Ralph Lauren, and many more – use Seebo to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), cut service costs, and maximize asset uptime.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Reduce Maintenance Operation Costs
  • Optimize Product Quality
  • Maximize Production
  • Lower spare parts stocks
  • Lead data-driven product development
  • Extend machinery lifetime

Value Proposition

  • Seebo leverages Process-Based Industrial AI to deliver easily-customized, targeted solutions for maximizing uptime and minimizing quality issues in the production line.
  • Maintenance becomes proactive and timely, cutting labor and travel costs, and repairs are done before critical damage occurs, thereby reducing downtime. Service time is reduced, and customer satisfaction improved.
  • With accurate and extensive readouts from sensors on production machines, combined with data analytics algorithms that pinpoint production inefficiencies, new levels of productivity can be attained.
  • An overstocked inventory of costly spare parts impacts margins, while not having a replacement part when it's needed increases downtime. Condition Monitoring enables accurate forecasting of the demand for spare parts leading to better inventory management.
  • Asset behavioral data collected over time is aggregated and analyzed by engineering to identify product design flaws that can be rectified in subsequent product versions.
  • The health of a machine and all of its components is monitored in detail. Overheating, wear-and-tear, and other threats to the machine’s well-being are taken care of in a timely manner, lengthening the machine’s lifetime.

Why Seebo

Seebo infuses the customer’s production line processes and knowhow, together with data from OT and IT systems, into machine learning - without requiring the customer to master data science. Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, and Predictive Quality are rapidly deployed with tools for Process and Data Modeling, Automated Root Cause Analysis, Predictive Analytics and Digital Twin Visualization.