by SeekTable

Web BI tool for data crunching / ad-hoc reporting with pivot tables, charts, datagrids.

Free web reporting tool

SeekTable is a free BI tool for ad-hoc & operational reporting with web-based pivot tables, charts and usual tabular reports. It helps you make data-driven decisions and get valuable insights from your tabular data. SeekTable always works in 'direct connection' mode and you don't need to refresh your reports - they always display actual data.

Connect to various data sources

SeekTable has built-in connectors for many popular SQL databases:

  • SQL Server, Azure SQL
  • MySql, MariaDB, MemSQL
  • PostgreSql, Amazon Redshift
  • Oracle
  • Google BigQuery
  • Yandex ClickHouse

Some NoSql solutions also may be used as data sources for your reports:

  • MongoDB and protocol-compatible services like Azure Cosmos DB
  • ElasticSearch

You can upload CSV data as well: SeekTable can efficiently handle files with up to 500Mb (uncompressed).

Share your reports with others

  • Export your reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, plain HTML
  • Send report by email (report content is placed into email body)
  • Publish your reports to web and embed into any web page with IFRAMEs - in this way you can create custom real-time dashboards
  • automate reports generation with MS Flow: send up-to-date reports on schedule (daily/weekly), synchronize CSV-based cubes with a file in your OneDrive folder etc

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