Seerene Platform for Code and People Management

by Seerene GmbH

Seerene Code and People Management

What is Seerene?

Seerene leverages advanced analytics & visualization techniques to provide a novel software process mining platform. With it, software development organizations can – for the first time – observe, understand, and optimize their processes of producing complex software systems. Inefficiencies in the process – typically up to 80% of developer time gets lost (!) – are converted into extra time, enabling you to deliver more value to the business, faster, and with lower costs! Integrating the Seerene platform in your organization will immediately reveal at least 20% extra time that you can harvest.

The Seerene platform analyzes data traces from your development infrastructure and reveals a holistic, real-time view on how your organization works. The platform is a SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure. Designed so that neither source code nor personal data leave your firewalls, Seerene is compatible with all software development environments (Microsoft, Atlassian, SAP, IBM, Broadcom, ptc, CollabNet, etc.) and applicable to all kinds of development processes (agile, scaled-agile, waterfall, V-model, etc.).

The Seerene Digital Boardroom enables you to strategically steer your business-critical software development organizations to ever higher excellence – with KPIs and actionable insights for board members and executives, as well as for teams.

What makes Seerene unique?

The platform is based on 15 years of research by the Hasso Plattner Institute and has been successfully leveraged by corporations for 5+ years. The domain complexity of software development represents such a large barrier to market entry that there are no similar competitor products. Seerene can process digital traces of all tools in the software development space and converts technical raw data into management-critical insights. This makes Seerene unrivaled as the first and only holistic software process mining solution, enabling you to strategically steer and develop your organization to the highest excellence. Software production finally becomes a true engineering discipline with Seerene.

Why is Seerene relevant?

Tailor-made software is becoming an increasingly important source of business value creation and competitive advantage in all industries, which is why software factories are springing up in corporations. Hence, software factories and how to run them efficiently is of strategic concern for every company. Seerene’s software process mining is the first approach to tackle this business-critical challenge and to convert existing inefficiencies into extra time. This way, IT becomes the business enabler that delivers innovation fast, cost-effectively, and with high quality. The Seerene platform is the only solution today with these capabilities.

What are Seerene’s benefits for the user?

Seerene empowers decision-makers in software development organization to understand how their software production processes can be improved; regardless if the teams are in-house developers or 3rd-party service providers. The Seerene platform serves as the foundation for the efficient allocation and management of development resources, saving both time and budget. The platform thus enables significantly more transparency, strategic management, and security for all stakeholders in the software factory.

The Seerene Value Guarantee: Based on experience in diverse corporate environments, Seerene guarantees to reveal efficiency losses in your software production and to show how to convert at least 20% (!) of this loss into extra time. In short: We enable you to deliver more and faster at lower costs!

Who leverages Seerene?

Seerene is especially relevant for CIOs, CTOs, VPs and team leaders of large enterprises who have IT decision-making authority and interest in efficiency gains. Seerene can add value particularly quickly and clearly in organizations with at least 100 developer FTEs. Here, it is irrelevant whether these developers work in-house, at external locations, or for external service providers.

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