Cloud-native group insurance admin platform

by Sentro

Group insurance and benefits platform for insurers and group benefit providers.

Sentro is an Azure cloud-based group insurance and benefits platform.  

Our tech is modern, API-centric and highly configurable.  That gives our customers big advantages:

  • Faster and less expensive deployment
  • Nothing to install - fully support remote work for insurers, brokers and employers
  • API-first architecture means
    • Customers can fully control the UX
    • Excellent ability to integrate with other business systems and applications
  • Can administer customer-specific group insurance plans without big administrative overhead
  • Supports voluntary contributions, including the ability to direct-bill them to employees
  • Can be extended with Power Apps to support complex workflows and integrations

Insurers choose us to launch their group insurance business, or to improve their existing group insurance and benefits offerings. They also choose us to streamline and improve service to their distribution partners. They like us because we deliver value quickly, without the huge up-front expenditure of in-house technology projects.

Employee benefit providers choose us to deliver benefits to the employees of business customers.  They can also collaborate with group insurers to enable value-added services that complement group insurance products.

Group insurers often run legacy systems and batch processes. Their business customers and their employees now expect easy, online service experiences. Insurers want to deliver their customers better product choice and better service - yet their current group administration systems and processes don't let them do that.

Sentro lets insurers, brokers and service providers work together to offer great benefits solutions for business customers and their people. Sentro lets everyone work together to give employees a great service experience - which results in higher trust, and more opportunities to serve them with other products and services they need.

Employee benefit providers often have a consumer offering, and want to be able to package and sell that to business customers as an employee benefit.  They usually do not have an administrative delivery platform that lets them sell, service and bill in bulk to a business customer.  Sentro gives benefit providers the administrative platform to deliver to a business customer, and a way to collaborate with group insurers.

Our API-first architecture means we happily co-exist with your legacy systems and processes. This lets you innovate without the time and risk of big systems-replacement projects.

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