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Seremedi Inc.

CareScriptions integrated mobile patient care platform connects patients with their care teams

CareScriptions care management solution extends currently available telemedicine and mobile health app approaches by providing:

  • Real-time communication and data sharing
  • Clinicians and patients working together as a team to achieve optimal outcomes
  • Greater patient satisfaction, reduced complications, and fewer readmissions
  • Access to critical information from your mobile device

Reduce unplanned readmissions and prevent complications through increased visibility and communication with the patient, from procedure preparation all the way through recovery.

Provide the patient with guidance as they prepare for a procedure, and the resources to give them confidence as they leave the hospital to recover at home or care setting of choice.

Hospitals using CareScriptions report:

  • Early detection of adverse events
  • Less costly, more effective intervention
  • Greater patient independence and confidence
  • Fewer emergency room visits and readmissions
  • Increase in patient and care team satisfaction

"With CareScriptions, my panicked patients will request a video check-in if they have a concern they want to discuss during the high-risk periods instead of going to the ER, reducing patient's ER visits substantially."
-- RN at a Texas Medical Center Hospital.