CertiMint - Blockchain as a Service

by SettleMint

Secure all documents important to your business.

Prove the existence, integrity and signature of any document on blockchain

The document signing process is an important process in many business use cases that guarantees the creation of binding obligations between two or more parties.Traditionally, digital signature online services are used as trusted third-parties to prove the authenticity. Therefore, all documents are stored on their third-party servers to be validated. With Certimint, we only store the document checksum on blockchain so you don’t need a third party and the document stays in your hands.Blockchain is immutable so you will be able to verify a document for decades.

Certimint helps you to... 

Prove existence

Ensure and certify that a document or dataset existed at a particular point in time. This can be crucial for contracts, research data, medical records, invoicing, supply chain documents … Sensitive data can be time-stamped in an unalterable way, while maintaining confidentiality.

Prove integrity

If two parties have different versions of a file or document, who holds the valid one? At any point in the future, you can prove the authenticity of your copy of a document or file, and ensure is has not been tampered with.

Prove signature

Upload and sign any document, contract or agreement. You can also have it signed by other people. At any point in time the signature can be verified, with the guarantee that the document has not been modified since it was signed.

How it works

In simple words, CertiMint hashes the state of a ledger data, links it to a public blockchain and returns a proof in the form a timestamp. The hash representing state of the ledger is the cumulative or aggregated hash of a Merkle Tree, whose root is anchored in a public blockchain (Bitcoin or Ethereum). The CertiMint process creates and updates the timestamp proof, that defines a path of operations that cryptographically links data to a blockchain.

Certimint SaaS is powered by the Settlemint Platform

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