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Shieldox Information Intelligence for Office 365


Simplify the way your security works without disrupting users


Collaboration in Office 365 is essential but finding and managing the risks it creates for your information is an impossible task. With Shieldox, you can know exactly what cloud sharing puts your information at risk, keep track of vulnerabilities, and never miss a critical threat. Our Information Vulnerability Report gives you a focused picture of your risks in one place to simplify your security. Once you get the report, Shieldox Insights let you dive deeper, pinpointing what needs attention or protection without disrupting work. Powered by machine and deep learning algorithms, Shieldox Information Intelligence connects the dots in cloud sharing to separate risky sharing from safe collaboration. All it takes to get started is a 5-minute connection to your organization, without setups, configurations, or interruptions to users. Know the who, what, where, when, and how of your business information vulnerabilities with Shieldox Information Intelligence- and understand exactly what to protect in Office 365.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand business information without involving users
  • Instant integration with Office 365
  • No setup, installations, or lengthy implementation
  • No disruption or involvement from end-users
  • Simplifies compliance with international regulations
  • See information risks and exposures in one simple place
  • Cut investigation time to minutes

Use Cases

  • Identify leaked business information
  • Know which upper management files are exposed
  • Avoid regulation and compliance risks
  • Know what information was exposed by an employee leaving the company
  • Securely move to the cloud without losing sight of risks