Shift management software for healthcare frontline scheduling

by Shiftlink Inc.

Eliminate the time, cost & frustration of filling vacant shifts with shift management software.

Have you ever managed a large team of people? Remember that time when one of your staff called in sick for a shift that absolutely needed coverage? For me, in healthcare operations, it was always on a Friday!

ShiftLink – is shift management software that is revolutionizing the way shifts are filled today and proving to be one of the key reasons frontline staff are going to work happier, and their clients and patients are not going without service.

The problem ShiftLink solves is a simple one that is shared by so many organizations… eliminating the time, cost and frustration of filling vacant shifts. This usually results in hours spent on the phone, by management, searching high and low for staff to cover. Complaints start, morale declines and the customer experience is suddenly at risk.

Simplicity – it's the cornerstone of everything we do at ShiftLink.; from product design to training, to customer service experience. Based on our constant customer engagement, we have gained valuable insight. We know our clients are doing what they do because they are passionate about helping others, and they want to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Being able to make a difference to those who need care the most, is what drives us as an organization!

We provide a highly configurable, tailor-made platform to meet the needs of any organization. ShiftLink provides equitable and transparent shift distribution favored by the unions we work with. While ShiftLink is adaptable to almost any business vertical, we serve several hospitals and dozens of homeless shelter organizations, like Salvation Army and Covenant House. If you are ready to optimize your workforce please get in touch with us today!

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