Sigma Order Management

by Sigma Systems

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Commercial and technical order orchestration and fulfillment product to reduce order failure

Sigma Order Management is the is commercial and technical order orchestration and fulfillment management product that eliminates points of order failure, minimizes fulfilment costs and maximizing customer satisfaction. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Sigma Order Management gives service providers valuable, catalog-driven fulfilment capabilities.

Working from pre-defined and pre-validated product and service components to deliver the customer order, Sigma Order Management greatly improves the speed, consistency and accuracy of order execution, leading to much lower order fallout rates and a reduction in costly re-work.

Recognizing the customer’s service context – the services, devices and equipment that may already be installed and active – improves the customer’s experience of the fulfilment process and the service, leading to happier customers, higher lifetime value and visible positive effects on NPS and other customer experience metrics.

Configurable Workflows
Replacing hardwired ‘spaghetti’ workflows for every service with re-usable tasks and sub-flows that can be used to deliver multiple products and bundles.

A unified platform that bridges digital and legacy services and supports both simple consumer and sophisticated enterprise products.

Fully-transparent Visualization
Keep a complete and detailed view of fulfilment design and run-time execution for easy, hands-on management of the service environment.

Order Assessment
Pre-fulfillment order checks and procedures, including OSS/J JSR264 compliance, commercial rules compatibility, order decomposition and enrichment, customer-specific impact analysis and fulfilment process selection, supported by transparent decomposition views.

Order Fulfillment
Identifies the sequence and priority of tasks and external systems with which order management must interact to fulfil the order, further dynamically optimized using catalog-driven interest rules. Fulfillment processes and rules are based on BPMNv2 workflow logic defined at design time.

Supplemental and Cancellation Orders
Allows updates to in-flight orders to precisely meet customer requirements, intelligently handling all changes to workflow execution paths. Cancellations are supported by comprehensive roll-back of relevant external systems to their original state.

Order Handling and Tracking
Features and functions for handling and tracking orders in the system include support for long-running orders (over days or weeks), full workflow visualisation and drilldown,
status tracking, order auditing, SLA monitoring and user-specific order grouping.

Error Handling and Fallout Management
Fallout processes can be handled automatically or by routing to specialist workgroups for manual handling, dependent on context.

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