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2nd generation Chatbot with native support for Nordic languages and English

The Simplifai Chatbot is a scalable chatbot solution with configurable APIs for integrations. The language engine is built on artificial intelligence with support for the Nordic and English languages.

The solution fits any business that communicate with its customers via a web page or social media. The solution will give you 24/ 7 availability to your customers. Your customers routine requests can be answered immediately, increasing customer satisfaction and at the same time reducing the workload on your customer service employees.

Chatbots are also useful tool for internal communication in larger organizations, for example to respond to routine requests to HR or Payroll departments.

The chatbot consist of a web widget that installs on your web page and an administrator portal where you can train and manage your solution.

The chatbot is part of the larger Simplifai Digital Employee Platform allowing companies to easily administrate a portfolio of automation solutions.

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