Accelerate item onboarding

by Simplista

Simplista accelerates item onboarding - bringing new products to customers faster

Simplista solves a fundamental problem at the top of any retailer’s supply chain: item onboarding is an antiquated and costly process, where operational friction means lost revenue for both retailers and their suppliers. Today’s item onboarding process is slow, overly complicated, and costing retailers billions annually in missed revenue opportunities.

Simplista, the next generation, cloud-based platform onboards items in days. This is how we do it…

Simplista solves the onboarding problem from end to end – from the supplier, straight through to the retailer’s back-end systems, creating an accurate item record the first time, every time.

Our ingestion technology can ingest item data from a multitude of sources, intelligent enough to know which source has the most complete set of item attributes available? It can also flag mismatches, including corresponding images, in real time.

For retailer internal item enrichment (the remaining 60-70% of item data required): we have technology that does category determination instantly based on an image or core attribute description. Thereafter, all other necessary internal attributes are automatically collected from the retailer’s internal systems based on the retailer’s data taxonomy. Automated enrichment is the future. A robust business rules engine continuously validates data as it flows through the solution. Tasks are completed in parallel as opposed to serially.

Simplista is cloud-based and our APIs seamless connect to the retailer’s back-end systems. Once all item attributes are in place, this information is sent in real time to the retailer’s item master file – wherever it resides (e.g., ERP, PIM, Mainframe). The retailer’s existing systems remain the system of record, eliminating the complexity and redundancy associated with maintaining a separate data store (such as a PIM).

We also manage product changes with ease with our pre-built functionality and can make changes en masse. Simplista eliminates supply chain disruptions. Suppliers rejoice using Simplista, there is no ‘black hole’, they have visibility across the process, no more back and forth with spreadsheets, we give them at least 50% of their time back.

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