Simudyne SDK


Simudyne SDK

Simudyne has developed a next generation simulation solution for analytics, built for enterprise. The platform integrates easily with existing infrastructure, so you do not need to invest in high performance compute.

Notable use cases include:

  • Agent-based fraud detection;
  • Credit risk;
  • Contagion risk;
  • A range of other use cases that rely on synthetic data and scenario analysis.

The easy to use toolkit can be installed on any laptop and scaled up easily when additional compute power is required, removing the need to re-engineer your model for distribution; customers can concentrate on the business challenge and worry less about the engineering.

Simudyne’s unique visualisation console then allows senior managers to engage with the model, run multiple experiments and ask what-if? by connecting them with the parameters and not just the results.

Simudyne is also the first solution provider to bring agent-based modelling into financial enterprise. Agent-based models are an alternative way of modelling complex challenges by using a bottom-up approach and by re-creating market or customer dynamics. With Simudyne you can quickly build simulations that solve a variety of problems where traditional methods are not appropriate.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Grade security
  • Customer managed solutions
  • Distributed graph compute
  • Runs on cloud or on-premises

Curious about how Simudyne could help your business navigate complexity? Get in touch!

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