Cloud Ctrl - Simplify Cloud Spend

by Cloud Ctrl by SixPivot

Take the confusion and complexity out of your cloud costs. See all the figures in one place.

The amount of money spent on cloud services has long been the domain of the “IT team". As the use of cloud resources expands within the organisation the allocation of the associated costs becomes increasingly difficult.

Most organisations have multiple teams, projects or departments which require some form of cloud resources, either as standalone services or shared IT infrastructure. The ability to precisely and proportionately map each element of cloud spend to a part of your organisation will enable an unprecedented understanding of your cloud economics.

Cloud Ctrl is a cloud cost management platform that helps you optimise and gain clear insight into your cloud spending. It provides tools to quickly analyse spend and provides forecasts of future costs. It also offers budgets, spending alerts, and recommends custom optimisations, ensuring you get the best value from your cloud investments.


Reporting the environmental impact of your organization is becoming a necessity to build trust with your employees, your customers, and your investors. This can be a difficult and costly exercise, especially when it comes to consuming cloud services.

Despite the major cloud vendors being relatively proactive about emission reductions and reporting, data for emissions and energy consumption is can be difficult to access and cumbersome to use. Also, because each vendor uses different methodologies to calculate their emissions it is almost impossible to know what you are reporting for a multi-cloud environment.

Leveraging the methodology behind the Cloud Carbon Footprint tool our emissions and energy feature estimates your environmental impact based on your consumption with each of the cloud vendors using a stable and consistent approach.

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