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Sked24 - Innovation in action to improve the health journey

Sked24 is a highly flexible and scalable software solution, allowing adaptation to the size of any health service provider. While focusing on your patients we maximize the occupation of your medical offer.
Sked24 is a patient management, advanced scheduling and loyalty platform that uses state-of-the-art technology to transform the patient's timely interaction with the medical provider in a long-term relationship.
We deliver the tools to plan, exhibit and manage your medical offer in a simple and friendly way.
Smart planning
• We optimize performance through a simultaneous and online vision that efficiently links the main planning objects in one place
• Scalable model (individual providers as well as assistance networks with multiple locations)
• Intelligent multi-resource - multi-service planning avoids downtime or oversupply
• Segmentation of the patients according to their forecast, pathology or medical history in order to assign as a priority to the corresponding specialist
Outstanding exhibitions
• Multi-site searches with geo-reference and access from different channels, having a fluid experience through intuitive and responsive UI design
• The provider can determine which areas are relevant to exhibit for their care model, allowing the patient to navigate easily in a defined supply structure
• Among the most frequent areas are: medical consultations, procedures, images, surgeries, etc., search by specialty or doctor and prioritized results
• We put the client to the center, which allows that in a single platform the quotas of all the services of the provider are displayed
Efficient management
• We focus on the integrality of the Health Journey, through the analysis, control and monitoring of each of the interactions performed by the patient 
• Detect, analyze and react quickly to blockages, cancellations and reengagements
• Tools to minimize the "no show" using Artificial Intelligence (eg. Chatbot and Bot of confirmations by WhatsApp)
• Business rules for each doctor / ward / team

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